Exploring Language and Meaning in Complex Texts

In this International Dyslexia Association Perspectives article, Dr. Mary Schleppegrell has described three strategies educators can use to help students explore the language of complex texts. Educators can explicitly discuss the connections between the form and meaning of texts to help students read for deeper […]

Implementing the Text Structure Strategy in Your Classroom

In this Reading Rockets article, you will learn how to implement a research-based strategy to improve reading comprehension by focusing on text structures. The authors use the Text Structure Strategy (TSS) to explore the text structures of comparison, cause and effect, problem and solution, sequence, […]

The Power of Text Sets

In this 2-page handout from Achieve the Core, you will learn all about text sets: what they are, why they are important, where to source some, and how to build your own.

Teaching Text Structure

In this overview from Reading Rockets on teaching text structure, you’ll learn about the 5 most common text structures (narrative, descriptive, expository, procedural/instructional, and argumentative/persuasive) and their features and how to help students learn to identify and use text structures in their reading and writing. […]

Reading Comprehension Development and Difficulties: An Overview

In this International Dyslexia Association Perspectives article, Kate Cain explores the topic of reading comprehension and how language skills develop. The article explains how vocabulary acquisition, understanding of sentence structure and how sentences work together, the ability to infer and integrate information, and building a […]

Supporting Reading Comprehension Development

In this International Dyslexia Association Perspectives article, authors Jane Oakhill and Kate Cain explore the factors supporting reading comprehension beyond basic decoding and suggest critical skills that should form the core of literacy instruction and interventions to support poor reading comprehension. The article outlines which […]

Adversmarts: Introduction to Food Advertising Online

In this lesson, students grasp online advertising’s essence and marketers’ creation of captivating virtual spaces for children. After learning advertising techniques, students partake in an online game, practically simulating a website promoting the fictional cereal Co-Co Crunch. This hands-on exercise applies learned strategies, showcasing comprehension […]

Can You Spot the Ad?

During this lesson, students will explore branded content and develop the ability to distinguish between branded and non-branded images and videos online and offline. This distinction will be cultivated through a series of questions and interactive discussions.

Break the Fake Lesson Plan: What’s in the Frame?

This instructional content is tailored for educators guiding students through the lesson. It introduces students to the concept that media can be misleading and encourages exploration of how creators intentionally frame media presentations, prompting contemplation of what remains beyond the scope. The objectives of this […]