Literacy Foundations for English Learners: A Comprehensive Guide to Evidence-Based Instruction

By Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan Last updated 2024/05/27


This title is a must-read for any educators working with multilingual learners (MLLs) of all ages, referred to in the book as English Learners (ELs). It affirms the necessity of a structured literacy approach for these students, while adding in the extra layers of support that may also be beneficial (e.g., comparing English and home language, vocabulary considerations, etc.). Chapter topics, by a variety of expert contributors, include phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, spelling and writing. There is also a section with recommended apps and instructional technology.

Curriculum Connection

1. Curriculum Context B1. Oral and Non-Verbal Communication B2. Language Foundations for Reading and Writing B3. Language Conventions for Reading and Writing C1. Knowledge about Texts C2. Comprehension Strategies D1. Developing Ideas and Organizing Content D2. Creating Texts
Literacy Foundations for English Learners supports multilingual learners of all grades, and connects broadly to expectations of the Ontario Language Curriculum in Strands B (Foundations of Language), C (Comprehension: Understanding and Responding to Texts) and D (Composition: Expressing Ideas and Creating Texts).
Grade(s): K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Topic(s): Multilingual Learners

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