Thinking Reading: What Every Secondary Teacher Needs to Know About Reading

Par James Murphy & Dianne Murphy Dernière mise à jour 2024/05/27
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This reader-friendly book, written by two educators, provides great background and professional learning related to reading development, and particularly how it applies in the older grades. While the title includes the word “secondary”, junior and intermediate teachers in Ontario could all benefit from reading this book. Information includes how we learn to read and misconceptions around that process, how to help older struggling readers, and a really useful chapter called, “What school leaders need to know and do about reading”. The question, “What about older kids?” is often asked as it relates to structured literacy, and this book is a really helpful starting point.

This book provides background and professional development to assist teachers in understanding and broadly implementing expectations of the Ontario Language Curriculum in the junior and intermediate grades, as well as providing intervention to students in older grades who are still developing their skills.

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