Structured Journal Template

This structured journal template, based on the work of David Liben and Meredith Liben, can be used to introduce students to the use of structured journals in their close reading of texts. While this work can be started orally with younger students, this template will […]

Fluency in Perspective

This is a collection of passages designed to be used for fluency instruction in grade 8. Developed by Lisa Rogers, Laura Bross, Ayesatta Conteh, Teresa Oud, and Catherine Shawana, each passage focuses on a diverse changemaker from across Turtle Island – individuals who stood up […]

Scaffolding Vocabulary and Complex Texts

Vocabulary knowledge must be intentionally nurtured to ensure that students are ready for the greater vocabulary demands of reading complex texts and writing multi-paragraph essays, but we need to pay attention to cracks in the foundation and scaffold our lessons accordingly, or it all falls […]

Repurposing Levelled Literacy Intervention – Content Library

Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a commonly used literacy intervention grounded in the ineffective three-cueing approach to reading instruction. In 2022, the Ontario Human Rights Commission found that LLI is ineffective, both from external research on its effectiveness and boards’ own data on student outcomes. […]

GECDSB Curriculum Aligned Mentor Texts

Thank you to Greater Essex County DSB for generously sharing this spreadsheet! It contains sets of texts aligned with content from the 4 frames (kindergarten), social studies and science curricula (grades 1 – 6), and history and geography curricula (grades 7 and 8).   These […]

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction Demonstration

In this video, Dr. Anita Archer models an explicit vocabulary lesson with older students. Note how Dr. Archer involves active participation: students are engaged throughout. Note also the high level of teacher-student interaction. See if you can count the number of “serve and return” interactions!

Getting Ready for Report Cards Webinars

In these webinar recordings, Jordan Sloan, Melissa Monette Smith, Siobhain Doyle, and Laura Bross explore assessment, evaluation, and reporting in the context of the revised Language curriculum and the new one-mark report card structure for Ontario students.

School Needs Assessment

A needs assessment supports schools to systematically examine system strengths and weaknesses. This allows leaders to understand key needs and prioritize actionable steps to improve outcomes for all students.

Dominance orthographique

Voici un tableau qui regroupe les régularités orthographiques en français. À partir du tableau, on propose des ressources supplémentaire pour avoir plus d’information par rapport à chaque régularité orthographique mentionnée.