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Can You Spot the Ad?

By Written for MediaSmarts by Eve Duchesne Last updated 2024/05/27


During this lesson, students will explore branded content and develop the ability to distinguish between branded and non-branded images and videos online and offline. This distinction will be cultivated through a series of questions and interactive discussions.

Curriculum Connection

A1. Transferable Skills A2. Digital Media Literacy C1. Knowledge about Texts C3. Critical Thinking in Literacy
The lesson objectives harmonize with the Ontario Language Curriculum. Students will gain insights into branding, advertisement analysis, and advertising tactics, nurturing media literacy. Their acquired skills encompass adaptable communication (A1.1), understanding digital media (A2.4), and cross-curricular application (A3.1). Identification of text forms, comprehension of patterns, and visual-text relations are emphasized (C1.2, C1.3, C1.4). Narrative perspectives are explored (C1.6) while inference-making and critical analysis are refined (C3.2, C3.5). Proficiency in organizing content is enhanced (D1.4). The lesson promotes critical thinking and practical media literacy, aligning effectively with curriculum aspirations.
Grade(s): 2 3
Topic(s): Multimodal Literacy

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