Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Should Know

This handbook is intended to support all educators in their passion to help every child reach his or her fullest potential. Use it to raise awareness, share best practices, and be a resource to your school’s administration and staff. Inside you’ll learn more about topics […]

Unlocking the Power of Reading to Learn

This infographic highlights how students unlock the power of reading to learn. In the early years, children gain vocabulary, knowledge, and understanding of their home language through listening. This can be boosted by engaging in meaningful conversations, listening to stories read aloud, and exposure to […]

Brain Builders Video Series

Brain Builders is an animated video series of 13 episodes you can share with your students to help them understand what the brain does to read. The main characters, Minh and Tamara, journey together as they cultivate a love for reading and understanding the Science […]

3-Minute Introduction to the Science of Reading

Do you only have a few minutes to explain the basics of reading science? Dr. Stephanie Stollar developed this outline for a 3-Minute Introduction to the Science of Reading, ideal for school council meetings or parent nights!

Alloprof: site web

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The Reading Process

Expert reading researcher Dr. Reid Lyon highlights key components of reading development, including the role of phonics in this complex process.

Reading Road Trip: Literacy Myth Busting with Lyn Stone

In this podcast episode, Lyn Stone busts common reading myths and misconceptions, advocating for evidence-based structured literacy for all students. Lyn highlights the importance of targeting intervention to student needs, the myth of dyslexia as a gift, and the value of explicit writing instruction.