Explicit Instruction Videos - Junior/Intermediate

Par Dr. Anita Archer Dernière mise à jour 2024/05/27
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Dr. Anita Archer models explicit instruction across multiple content areas (background knowledge, comprehension, multisyllabic word reading, vocabulary, etc.). Each video has an accompanying viewer guide.

Explicit instruction is a key element of the Curriculum Context.
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  1. Love the video models of explicit instruction! Highly recommend her website, book, her “Archerisms” and all of her webinars. She models explicit instruction in everything she says and does and the learning you take away from her proves its effectiveness!

  2. Anita Archer and Charles Hughes are the contemporary researchers who who created the accepted thinking/definition about explicit instruction. Vygotsky also is a favourite of mine. I will certainly get this book! That you for sharing.

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