Printable Cards for Irregular “Heart” Words

Contrary to popular belief, students should not be taught to memorize irregular words by sight. In most irregular words, only one or two letters do not conform to their usual sound correspondence. This means that most irregular words are at least partially decodable. This is […]

A New Model for Teaching High-Frequency Words

Often, high-frequency words are called “sight words” with the expectation that these words are irregular and must be memorized. Integrating high-frequency words into phonics lessons allows students to make sense of spelling patterns for these words. To do this, high-frequency words need to be categorized […]

Effective Early Literacy Instruction with Dr Sonia Cabell

In this podcast interview with Kate Winn and Dr. Sonia Cabell, the focus is on the importance of early language and literacy development. Dr. Cabell highlights key considerations for instruction in several areas: oral language and conversation, alphabetics, writing and spelling, and building knowledge.

Uncovering the Logic of English: Reversing the Educational Crisis

In the EDView 360 podcast, Denise Eide discusses her book “Uncovering the Logic of English,” focusing on spelling rules and patterns in the language. She advocates for a systematic approach to spelling, emphasizing the importance of morphology and etymology in understanding word formation and meanings. The podcast provides valuable insights for anyone interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of English spelling.