Teacher's Guide to Effective Sentence Writing

By Bruce Saddler Last updated 2024/05/27


Sentence combining is an evidence-based practice that helps students improve both their writing skills and reading comprehension.

In this valuable book, the author outlines the importance of the sentence and what sentence combining actually is, as well as how to teach and assess it. Also included: multiple examples at different levels that teachers from Grades 2-12 could pull out and use in their classrooms today.

Sentence combining is a simple practice that can have a big payoff – and this book is definitely a great resource that can be used not just within the Language block but content area subject times as well.

Curriculum Connection

B3. Language Conventions for Reading and Writing D2. Creating Texts
This book is well-aligned to expectations in Strand D (Composition: Expressing Ideas and Creating Texts) of the 2023 Ontario Language Curriculum, specifically D2.1 (Drafting), D2.5 (Revising) and D2.6 (Editing), throughout all grades. Sentence combining, while typically used as a writing task, builds students' understanding of the function of syntactic structures, which also develops reading comprehension.
Grade(s): K 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Topic(s): Syntax and Sentence StructureWriting

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