Syntax: Somewhere Between Words And Text

By Nancy Chapel Eberhardt for PaTTAN Literacy Last updated 2024/05/24
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Emphasis on sentence-level instruction is critical to bridge the word-to-text gap for reading and writing. The PaTTAN webinar focuses on the relationships between words, sentences, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Explicit instruction can capitalize on and foster these relationships through purposeful selection of words, texts, and instructional activities. By utilizing effective instructional practices at the sentence level, K-12 educators can facilitate text comprehension and writing based on the text material use in their instructional settings.

Curriculum Connection

B3. Language Conventions for Reading and Writing
This webinar supports the teaching of syntax, including the importance of syntactical awareness.  It gives some ideas and strategies for explicitly teaching syntax using both fiction and non-fiction text, and is directly related to B3.1 (Syntax and Sentence Structure), and B3.2 (Grammar).
Grade(s): K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Topic(s): GrammarOral LanguageSyntax and Sentence StructureWriting
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  1. Comprehension is deeply impacted by syntax. I think about the best ways to expose students to increasingly more sophisticated sentences, but still working to provide targeted instruction of sentence structure. It really is a reciprocal relationship between sentence structure/ complexity and comprehension.

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