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Syntax and Grammar Slide Decks: Grade 2 (The Syntax Project)

By Melinda Hinch (Greater Essex County DSB) & the Syntax Project Last updated 2024/05/27
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The Syntax Project is an open-source collection of grammar and syntax lessons created by a group of Australian teachers. Melinda Hinch, SLP in Greater Essex County DSB, has adapted the slides to incorporate Canadian content and aligned them with the B3 Language Conventions Continuum.

Note that this resource is a Google Drive folder set to “view only.” To adapt the slides to meet your own students’ needs, please make a copy to your own Google Drive so you can modify (File > Make a copy > Entire presentation).

Curriculum Connection

B3. Language Conventions for Reading and Writing
These lessons address many of the specific skills found in B3 Language Conventions. The Continuum highlights the importance of a function-first approach to teaching these conventions: grammar and syntax should be taught explicitly and systematically, but in the context of writing. Students should be taught about the function of these conventions in oral and written language, and not simply taught to identify or name them.
Grade(s): 2
Topic(s): GrammarSyntax and Sentence StructureWriting

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  1. It is nice that these lessons have been compiled in one easily accessible place. I appreciate that they are sorted by grade and expectations covered. It makes planning so much easier. Thanks for all of the hard work Melinda!

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