Strive-For-Five Conversations

By Tricia A. Zucker & Sonia Q. Cabell Last updated 2024/05/24


Oral language is the cornerstone of literacy, and this reader-friendly book provides a tool – the “Strive-For-Five” framework – to help educators extend conversations with students to help support speaking, vocabulary, reasoning and other skills. Chapters include “Creating Classroom Routines for Strive-for-Five Conversations”, “Choosing Books That Spark Rich Conversations” and “Talking Is Teaching: Strive-For-Five Conversations at Home.” This book is perfect for K-1 educators and those who support those grades.

Curriculum Connection

B1. Oral and Non-Verbal Communication
This book directly supports expectations of Strand B (Foundations of Language) relating to "Effective Listening Skills" (B1.1), "Listening Strategies for Comprehension" (B1.2), "Speaking Purposes and Strategies" (B1.3), "Oral and Non-Verbal Communication Strategies" (B1.4) and Word Choice, Syntax, and Grammar in Oral Communication (B1.5).
Grade(s): K 1
Topic(s): Oral Language

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