Phonemic Inventories and Cultural and Linguistic Information Across Languages

By American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Last updated 2024/05/27
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It is of critical importance that educators learn as much as they can about students’ home language in order to provide both effective and culturally relevant and responsive instruction. ASHA maintains a list of phonemic inventories that support educators in learning more about the structure of languages student speak.

Curriculum Connection

1. Curriculum Context B2. Language Foundations for Reading and Writing
This website supports educators to learn more about the structure of additional languages students speak, a key step in providing instruction that honours and integrates the linguistic strengths and capacities students bring to the classroom.
Grade(s): K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Topic(s): Culturally Relevant and Responsive PedagogyMultilingual Learners

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