Partner Reading: A Class-Wide Reading Intervention That Works

By PaTTAN, Lindsay Kemeny Last updated 2024/05/24
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This PaTTAN Webinar focuses on partner reading, a classwide intervention to improve students’ fluency. This is an intervention that can be used best in grades 2-8, but also possible in mid-year of grade 1. Lindsay Kemeny implemented this class-wide intervention in her grade 2 classroom and in just two weeks saw growth in her students’ ORF scores. In this webinar, Lindsay shows educators how to implement partner reading in the classroom and provide printable resources.

Curriculum Connection

B2. Language Foundations for Reading and Writing
Partner Reading is an intervention strategy that will allow Ontario educators to help improve their student Oral Fluency (ORF). In reading, Partner Reading intervention will help students to “read words, sentences, and paragraphs in a variety of texts fluently, with accuracy and appropriate pacing to support comprehension, and read aloud with expression and intonation” (B2.5). 
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Topic(s): FluencyIntervention
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