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Daily Pen Review

By Laura Bross Last updated 2024/06/10


This template can be used for daily review. Created by Laura Bross and inspired by the OG Classroom Educator Course, it can be used as a quick review tool for older students who still require daily review on phonics skills. Recommendations include:
1. Use pens for this task.  When students make an error, encourage them to just strike it out, and move on. This normalizes errors and saves instructional time from students erasing.
2. Set a timer, not for the students, but for the educator to stay on task.  30 seconds for the alphabet practice, 5 minutes to complete the other three dictation tasks broken into 2 minutes for sounds and morphemes, 2 minutes for words, 1 minute for a sentence.
3. Follow a Scope and Sequence of your choice but use this tool as an instructional routine to do a quick daily review that involves pronunciation, the phonemes, and the graphemes, in one low-prep, easily repeatable template.
4. Give specific feedback and celebrate student growth daily to ensure the routine is about daily practice to improve student learning.

Curriculum Connection

B2. Language Foundations for Reading and Writing
This instructional routine supports deliberate, distributed review of foundational literacy skills. This form of practice is an essential element of explicit instruction.
Grade(s): K 1 2 3
Topic(s): Word-Level Reading and Spelling

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