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Comparing Real Families to TV Families

By MediaSmarts Last updated 2024/05/27


In this lesson, students delve into how media constructs reality through the lens of TV families, paralleling them with their real-life counterparts—personal and peer families. The session commences with a survey of students’ beloved family-oriented TV shows and their allures. Organized in groups, students opt for a family-centered show to monitor and assess. Post presentations, students deliberate on whether the show accurately mirrors real families and relationships.

Curriculum Connection

A1. Transferable Skills A2. Digital Media Literacy A3. Applications and Contributions C3. Critical Thinking in Literacy
This lesson addresses Ontario Curriculum expectations by exploring the media's reality construction. It develops transferable skills for communication across contexts (A1.1). Students grasp relationships between text, context, audience, and creator (A2.5). Learning extends cross-curricularly and practically (A3.1), and delves into identity, diversity, and belonging in relevant texts (A3.2). Students make inferences and analyze texts (C3.2, C3.3). Goals: Understand media's reality construction, recognize media's potential inaccuracies, and enjoy analyzing TV family shows.
Grade(s): 2 3 4 5
Topic(s): Culturally Relevant and Responsive PedagogyMultimodal Literacy

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