Big Words For Young Readers

By Dr. Heidi Anne Mesmer Last updated 2024/05/27


In this book, Heidi Mesmer shares research-backed strategies to support teachers as they move students beyond basic phonics and decoding short words. It’s easy to follow with lots of graphics, sidebars, resources accessible by QR code and appendices. Part I of the book breaks down the foundations of teaching big words with “What You Need To Know Without Becoming a Linguist!”, “A Scope and Sequence for Teaching Big Words” and “Assessments for Determining What Students Know – and Don’t Know – About Big Words” and Part II delves into different content to be taught depending on grade.

Curriculum Connection

B2. Language Foundations for Reading and Writing
The content of Big Words supports Strand B: Foundations of Language from Grades 1-5, particularly specific expectations under “Word-Level Reading and Spelling: Using Phonics Knowledge”, “Word-Level Reading and Spelling: Using Orthographic Knowledge” and “Word-Level Reading and Spelling: Using Morphological Knowledge”.
Grade(s): K 1 2 3 4 5
Topic(s): Applying MorphologyApplying OrthographyApplying Phonics

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