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BEE for Reading: Brain, Ear, Eyes

By Greater Essex County District School Board Last updated 2024/05/27
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BEE for Reading is speech to print program created and piloted in Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) kindergarten classes. The program in its entirety consists of a manual, lesson slide decks, sound wall materials, centre activities, and home connections.

The full program daily schedule includes:
1. Phonemic awareness (i.e., sound identification, blending and segmenting)

2. Visual drill of previously learned skills

3. Auditory drill of previously learned skills

4. New phoneme grapheme lesson, including letter formation

5. Blending and spelling of vowel-consonant and consonant-vowel-
consonant words

The sequence of phoneme-grapheme instruction is as follows:
1. /s/, /a/, /t/, /p/, /i/, /n/

2. /k/ “c” and “k,” /e/, /h/, /r/

3. /m/, /d/, /g/, /o/, /u/

4. /l/, /f/, /b/, /j/, /z/,

5. /w/, /v/, /y/, /kw/ “qu”, /ks/ “x”

6. /ch/, /sh/, /th/ voiceless, /th/ voiceless

Note that there are separate lessons for /k/ as this is the first time students will learn that one phoneme can be spelled with two graphemes.

With permission, GECDSB is sharing lesson slide decks, sound wall materials, and flashcards with ONlit. The program, in its entirety, requires specialized training.

GECDSB thanks the students of Marlborough P.S. for their big smiles, former students Madeline Doornaert and Ruby Dauphinee for vocals, and Spencer Hawkins for images. Gratitude is extended to all the educators who piloted BEE!

This program is to be used by educators in the classroom. Under NO circumstances can any part of BEE for Reading be sold.

For more information regarding BEE for Reading, contact Melinda Hinch, Speech-Language Pathologist at GECDSB.

[email protected]


Note: this resource is a Google Drive folder set to “view only.” To save materials, please make a copy to your own Google Drive  (File > Make a copy > Entire presentation).

Curriculum Connection

B2. Language Foundations for Reading and Writing
Grade(s): K
Topic(s): Alphabetic KnowledgePhonemic AwarenessWord-Level Reading and Spelling

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  1. Excellent resources. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Uses the same evidence based sequence as Jolly Phonics too it looks like. Very practical to support deepening pedagogical content through onlit;)

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