Celebrating a Fantastic First Year with ONlit: Thank You, Ontario Educators!

As we wrap up our first year with ONlit, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the incredible community of Ontario educators who have made this journey so enriching and impactful. Throughout the year, we’ve seen an amazing network of educators come together, sharing insights and resources, supporting each other, and collectively enhancing literacy outcomes for our students. Here are some highlights from our fantastic year:


Exploring the Resource Library

Our Resource Library became a go-to hub for educators seeking research-aligned, effective teaching tools. From lesson plans to structured literacy articles, you dove in, explored, and used these materials in your classrooms, bringing the curriculum to life and putting structured literacy into practice.


Connecting with the Curriculum Assistance Team

Our Curriculum Assistance Team has been thrilled to support so many of you. It has been our pleasure to help you navigate the new curriculum, answer your questions, and provide customized, 1:1 guidance to meet your specific needs.


Engaging in Book Studies and Webinars

The book studies and webinars we hosted this year were filled with lively discussions, insightful debates, and plenty of “aha!” moments. It was inspiring to see so many of you engage deeply with the material, share your perspectives, and apply new strategies in your teaching.


Participating in Learning Modules

Our asynchronous learning modules offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to engage with the content at your own pace. The feedback we received highlighted how these modules helped deepen your understanding and gave you practical tools to enhance your classroom instruction.


A Note About the Summer

As we look ahead, ONlit will be taking a break in July. Our current funding agreement concludes at the end of June, and we will be pausing our activities for a short while. But don’t worry—we’ll resume in August with even more resources and opportunities to support your professional growth.


Once again, thank you for being such a vital part of the ONlit community. Your passion for education and commitment to your students inspire us every day. We look forward to another year of learning and growing together.


Enjoy your well-deserved break, and see you in August!

With gratitude, 

The ONlit Team


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