Syntax Knowledge to Practice

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In the webinar, Margie Gillis and Nancy Eberhardt explored the effective use of syntax in teaching reading and writing. The webinar highlighted the role syntax plays in enhancing language and literacy. Gillis and Eberhardt highlight a “function-first” approach to teaching syntax, a key element of the Ontario Language curriculum. Specific instructional activities to teach syntax are also highlighted.

Curriculum Connection

This webinar supports the teaching and learning of B3 - Language Conventions. The Curriculum emphasizes a function-first approach to teaching syntax, a key element of this webinar.

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  1. A must watch! Super for a PD session. It was very interesting to think about syntax and grammar as the bridge between word reading and text comprehension- as opposed to fluency- yet it does build fluency!
    A great video that explains explicit instruction, and also how educators can support the cumulative and systematic and sequencing of the content and skills.
    Great video.

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