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Adversmarts: Introduction to Food Advertising Online

By Written for MediaSmarts by Ethan Anderson Last updated 2024/05/27
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In this lesson, students grasp online advertising’s essence and marketers’ creation of captivating virtual spaces for children. After learning advertising techniques, students partake in an online game, practically simulating a website promoting the fictional cereal Co-Co Crunch. This hands-on exercise applies learned strategies, showcasing comprehension of advertising methods. Through active participation, students gain insights into online marketing complexities, honing critical thinking and media literacy. They develop a heightened awareness of digital persuasive tactics, enhancing discernment in online content navigation. This interactive experience imparts theoretical and practical advertising understanding, fostering adeptness in crafting and analyzing compelling online material.

Curriculum Connection

A2. Digital Media Literacy C1. Knowledge about Texts C3. Critical Thinking in Literacy D2. Creating Texts
Aligned with the Ontario Language Curriculum, this lesson seamlessly integrates various objectives. Students' exploration of online advertising fosters adaptable communication skills across diverse contexts (A1.1). Their understanding of marketing techniques and digital media forms enhances analytical proficiency (A2.4) and nurtures innovative problem-solving using digital tools (A2.6). This approach encourages cross-curricular application (A3.1) by emphasizing skills that transcend subject boundaries. As students dissect websites aimed at their age group, they refine inference-making and text analysis abilities (C3.2, C3.3). They also identify text forms and genres (C1.2) while grasping the interplay between visuals and text (C1.4). By creating diverse text forms using digital media (D2.1), students learn multifacetedly, nurturing their media literacy, critical thinking, and practical skills congruent with the curriculum.
Grade(s): K 1
Topic(s): Multimodal Literacy

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