Read Aloud Routine for Improving Vocabulary and Comprehension

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Wanting to up your read aloud game? This lesson plan from Dr. Stephanie Stollar will support you in maximizing vocabulary and comprehension in your read alouds.

Curriculum Connection

This lesson plan supports the explicit instruction of vocabulary words, syntactic structures, knowledge, and comprehension.

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  1. Two common questions I hear in intermediate are: How much time do we devote to a read aloud? What skills are we addressing during a read aloud? This document helps educators ask themselves these questions, and respond critically to the needs of their students.

  2. This is a simple outline for teachers to follow with any read aloud book they would like to use. It includes a lesson format for before, during and after reading as well as a weekly plan to follow for digging deeper into a single book.

  3. This is a great sample that will provide educators with a good basis for how curriculum expectations can come together with read alouds. This will serve as a great reminder that we need comprehensive literacy, and that this also includes intentional work with read alouds.

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