Reading Road Trip: Mighty Moves for Reading Success with Lindsay Kemeny

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In this podcast episode, Lindsay Kemeny highlights the “7 Mighty Moves” she made to align her early literacy instruction with research. Moves include teaching phonemic awareness with intention, teaching phonics explicitly and systematically, teaching decoding strategies, using decodable texts for beginning readers, encouraging more decoding of high-frequency words, providing meaningful fluency practice, and embracing vocabulary and knowledge instruction to support comprehension.

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The 7 Mighty Moves are closely aligned with all specific expectations in B2: Foundations of Language.

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  1. Lindsay gives some practical advice about how she made shifts in her classroom. Her describing how she shifted her thinking about doing weekly spelling tests to a “show what you know” approach can shift the purpose of the task from a traditionally summative assessment to continual check ins that guide instruction.

  2. This was a great episode!
    This really stuck with me… “When we teach students to read words using cues like this, we’re literally teaching them to read like a poor reader.”
    Now that we know better, we can do better!

    I look forward to the book club at the end of September!

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