Introduce Parents and Caregivers to the Science of Reading

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Use these materials to introduce parents and caregivers in your community to the science of reading so they can learn along with you. Watch the presentation, then grab the files and make it your own!

Curriculum Connection

These presentation slides, and accompanying materials, support leaders in building parent and caregiver knowledge of the science of reading, which has broad applications across multiple curriculum strands.

Acadience Reading K-2 Data She...

  • By Courtney Werger
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MTSS: Raising Reading Outcomes...

  • By Dr. Amy Murdoch
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Screening vs. Diagnostic Asses...

  • By Dr. Stephanie Stollar
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  1. The video can be added to a Google Classroom or have it available during a Parent Literacy Night as a resource to inform and engage parents. It includes a few examples of how to develop and support literacy at home with fun and easy activities, however, it would have been helpful to have the information on the slide i.e. list of games to play with your child. I look forward to sharing this with the primary teachers at the school to support the home/school connection.

  2. It is essential for families and educators to work together. Not just teachers sharing information to parents and guardians, but also learning from the parents and guardians too. Using the science of reading is essential, and it is more than just helping families understand – but many parents and guardians still have important information to share about reading difficulties and everyone needs to be able to come together around the science of reading – as we have clearly seen with the Right to Read report.
    I will certainly share this with teacher candidates, as this collaboration between school and home must become more effective for all.

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