Reading Road Trip: Ask Us Anything!

In the Season 1 finale of Reading Road Trip, Kate Winn and Una Malcolm answer listener questions, sharing their thoughts on everything from sound-spelling walls to structured literacy in older grades.

IES K-3 Professional Learning Community Facilitator Guide

This facilitator’s guide is designed to assist professional learning communities (PLCs) in applying evidence-based strategies to help K-3 students acquire the language and literacy skills needed to succeed academically. This document is a support for educators watching the IES videos of foundational language and literacy […]

Teaching Spelling: An Opportunity to Unveil the Logic of Language

Moats emphasizes the importance of spelling knowledge and language understanding in literacy development in this article. It highlights that spelling is not just about memorizing letters but involves various language aspects like pronunciation, spelling, meaning, and grammatical structure. Good spellers possess comprehensive mental images of […]

7 Mighty Moves Book Study Materials by Kate Winn

Did you enjoy reading 7 Mighty Moves: Science-Based, Classroom-Tested Strategies to Ensure K-3 Reading Success? This practical book, written by teacher and author Linday Kemeny, outlines 7 “moves” to align instruction with reading research. Use these slides to support a book study in your school […]

Using Elkonin Boxes

This is a handy guide that explains how to use Elkonin boxes in instruction, with the helpful addition of word lists for teaching.


free website designed to help educators generate lists of words