Foundations for Literacy: An Evidence-based Toolkit for the Effective Reading and Writing Teacher

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This resource has been compiled by a group of Canadian language and literacy experts. It is organized into three primary segments. First, it highlights the essential information educators should possess about various research types, enabling them to stay well-informed and knowledgeable about the connection between language, reading, and writing instruction. The next section focuses on a child’s progress in reading and writing skills and offers hands-on classroom illustrations of activities for imparting these abilities. Finally, the third section addresses techniques for delivering effective instruction.

Curriculum Connection / Connexion au programme-cadre

This resource supports the teaching and learning of multiple curriculum areas across both reading and writing.

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  1. Good resource that also supports the development of PD. One thing that I wanted to point out is that the Alphabetic Principle shown in this document (and from many excellent scholars like Heidi Anne Mesmer) is different than the term ‘Alphabetic Knowledge’ used in the Ontario Curriculum. Alphabetic Principle encompasses phonics, while Alphabetic Knowledge in our curriculum means: ‘Knowledge of the letters of the alphabet by name and an understanding of alphabetic order.’ This is confusing for many.

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