Literacy Learning for Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

By Tanya S. Wright, Sonia Q. Cabell, Nell K. Duke & Mariana Souto-Manning Last updated 2024/05/27


This book is an excellent, reader-friendly resource for kindergarten teachers and Early Childhood Educators. While infant and toddler development takes place before the Ontario curriculum kicks in, the authors are American. Their recommendations for preschoolers generally align with the age of our Year 1 kindergarten students. Much of the research and advice in the book is applicable to Year 2 kindergarten as well. The chapters cover children as Clever Communicators, Print Navigators, Sound-Letter Linkers, Resourceful Writers and Text Compehenders and outline key practices in each critical area as well as age-by-age milestones and signs of potential concerns. Literacy Learning for Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers would make a valuable book study for kindergarten teams and is also highly recommended for parents as well as professionals working in childcare settings.

Curriculum Connection

B1. Oral and Non-Verbal Communication B2. Language Foundations for Reading and Writing C1. Knowledge about Texts D1. Developing Ideas and Organizing Content D2. Creating Texts
This book supports the K/1 column of the Language Foundations Continuum for Reading and Writing in the 2023 Language Curriculum, as well as the OHRC's Right to Read recommendations for the Kindergarten program. Subject matter relates to early learning in areas of oral communication, phonemic awareness, phonics, writing and comprehension.
Grade(s): K
Topic(s): Alphabetic KnowledgeApplying PhonicsComprehensionCulturally Relevant and Responsive PedagogyOral LanguagePhonemic AwarenessWord-Level Reading and SpellingWriting

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