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Break the Fake Lesson Plan: What’s in the Frame?

By Matthew Johnson, Director of Education, MediaSmarts Last updated 2024/05/27
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This instructional content is tailored for educators guiding students through the lesson. It introduces students to the concept that media can be misleading and encourages exploration of how creators intentionally frame media presentations, prompting contemplation of what remains beyond the scope. The objectives of this session encompass acquainting students with the unreliability of certain online content, and fostering comprehension of core media literacy principles, including the constructed nature of media and the uniqueness of each medium’s aesthetic form.

Curriculum Connection

A1. Transferable Skills A2. Digital Media Literacy C1. Knowledge about Texts C3. Critical Thinking in Literacy D2. Creating Texts
Educators will discover this lesson seamlessly aligning with the Ontario Language Curriculum, adeptly fostering media literacy skills while fulfilling several curriculum expectations. Throughout this lesson, students cultivate fundamental transferable communication proficiencies (A1.1) applicable across cultural, social, linguistic, and domain-specific contexts, vital for comprehensive engagement with diverse text formats (A1.1). Their research and information literacy capabilities advance as they learn to evaluate, harness, and assess information from varying viewpoints (A2.3), shaping a well-rounded understanding. Exploring media framing, students deepen their grasp of text structures and genres, including their visual aspects (C1.2, C1.4), honing inference-making abilities (C3.2) and refining text creation aptitude (D2.1). Students' consciousness of point of view expands (D2.4) as they refine their skills in producing impactful final texts (D3.1).
Grade(s): K 1 2
Topic(s): ComprehensionMultimodal Literacy

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  1. I highly recommend educators to collaborate with Teacher-Librarians and to harness the tools available through the Library Learning Commons to bring these transferable skills to life.

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