Morphology for Meaning: Grades 1 & 2 Prefix Slide Deck

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Melinda Hinch, Speech-Language Pathologist at Greater Essex County DSB, has adapted morphology lessons from The Morphology Project, an open-source series of lessons developed by a group of teachers and school leaders in Australia.

This is a series of slides to teach grade 1 and 2 students the prefixes listed in the Language Foundations Continuum. Before using this document, please first consult the overview and implementation guide.

Curriculum Connection

This slide deck supports the teaching and learning of grade 1 and 2 morphology, specifically prefixes identified in the Language Foundations continuum.

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  1. Another wonderful resource to support the explicit instruction of morphology and how these prefixes change the meaning of words. Great to connect with etymology as well.

  2. These slides are a good start to systematically introduce students to various affixes. You could add extension activities to accompany the slide decks like word sums, word sorts, matching words to definitions, or having students create their own sentences with the focus concept.

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