Reading Road Trip: Ask Us Anything!

In the Season 1 finale of Reading Road Trip, Kate Winn and Una Malcolm answer listener questions, sharing their thoughts on everything from sound-spelling walls to structured literacy in older grades.

Syntax: Somewhere Between Words And Text

Emphasis on sentence-level instruction is critical to bridge the word-to-text gap for reading and writing. The PaTTAN webinar focuses on the relationships between words, sentences, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Explicit instruction can capitalize on and foster these relationships through purposeful selection of words, texts, and […]

Supporting Reading Comprehension Development

In this International Dyslexia Association Perspectives article, authors Jane Oakhill and Kate Cain explore the factors supporting reading comprehension beyond basic decoding and suggest critical skills that should form the core of literacy instruction and interventions to support poor reading comprehension. The article outlines which […]