13. Expand Simple Sentences with an Adjective

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Melinda Hinch, Speech-Language Pathologist at Greater Essex County DSB, has adapted syntax and grammar lessons from The Syntax Project, an open-source series of lessons developed by a group of teachers and school leaders from 17 different primary schools across Australia.

This is a series of slides to teach grade 1 students to orally expand sentences by adding an adjective. Before using this document, please first consult the scope and sequence for systematic instruction of grammar and syntax.

Curriculum Connection / Connexion au programme-cadre

This series of lesson slides supports the teaching of adjectives.

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  1. Explicit and straight to the point. Good starting ground for getting students to expand their writing with adjectives. Could easily be adapted to French as well.

  2. Thank you for these explicit teaching PowerPoints! The interesting images are sure to engage learners and provide many additional opportunities to create more complex sentences.

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