Grade 2/3 Sample Language Block Plan

This document shows a sample schedule for a 110-minute language block. It’s important to note that this schedule should shift across the school year to better meet students’ changing needs. For example, focus may shift more to multisyllabic word reading and spelling.

Is ORF Useful in Grades 3 – 6?

Dr. Stephanie Stollar highlights ideas for using Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) assessment data for screening, designing instruction, and monitoring progress in the junior grades.

Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy

Bringing together theory, research, and practice to dismantle Anti-Black Linguistic Racism and white linguistic supremacy, this book provides ethnographic snapshots of how Black students navigate and negotiate their linguistic and racial identities across multiple contexts. By highlighting the counterstories of Black students, Baker-Bell demonstrates how […]