What are Cohesive Devices?

Students must need to understand the role and function of cohesive devices, or cohesive ties, to carry meaning across sentences in a text. Learn about cohesive devices like determiners, pronouns, conjunctions and adverbs.

The Power of Content-Rich Vocabulary Instruction

In this International Dyslexia Association Perspectives article, authors Tanya S. Wright and Susan B. Neuman explore the topic of content-rich vocabulary instruction. The article explains why vocabulary instruction is essential and what it is. It provides five meaningful ways to increase vocabulary instruction in the […]

Implementing the Text Structure Strategy in Your Classroom

In this Reading Rockets article, you will learn how to implement a research-based strategy to improve reading comprehension by focusing on text structures. The authors use the Text Structure Strategy (TSS) to explore the text structures of comparison, cause and effect, problem and solution, sequence, […]