Building MTSS for Reading Success: Part 1

This workshop provides an introduction to multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) as the framework for implementing the science of reading in elementary schools. A clear description of MTSS will be contrasted with the current service delivery models it is designed to replace. Participants will have […]

Unlocking the Power of Reading to Learn

This infographic highlights how students unlock the power of reading to learn. In the early years, children gain vocabulary, knowledge, and understanding of their home language through listening. This can be boosted by engaging in meaningful conversations, listening to stories read aloud, and exposure to […]

What is Data-Based Individualization?

Intensive intervention helps students with severe and persistent learning needs, including students with learning disabilities. Data-based individualization is an approach to intensive intervention. This website provides an outline of the steps of data-based individualization, walking educators through each step.

Intensifying Literacy Instruction: Essential Practices

This document summarizes five key priorities in intensifying literacy practices for students who struggle: knowledge and use of a learning progression, designing and using an evidence-based intervention platform, ongoing data-based decision-making, adapting to increase the intensity of intervention, and infrastructures (systems) to support students with […]

Reading Tiered Fidelity Inventory 2.1

School Leadership Teams need to know how well their MTSS for reading is implemented in their schools. The Reading Tiered Fidelity Inventory (R-TFI)  Version 2.1 is an assessment leaders can use to assess the fidelity of instruction across all tiers of instruction.

3-Minute Introduction to the Science of Reading

Do you only have a few minutes to explain the basics of reading science? Dr. Stephanie Stollar developed this outline for a 3-Minute Introduction to the Science of Reading, ideal for school council meetings or parent nights!