Teaching Spelling: An Opportunity to Unveil the Logic of Language

Moats emphasizes the importance of spelling knowledge and language understanding in literacy development in this article. It highlights that spelling is not just about memorizing letters but involves various language aspects like pronunciation, spelling, meaning, and grammatical structure. Good spellers possess comprehensive mental images of […]

Syntax: Somewhere Between Words And Text

Emphasis on sentence-level instruction is critical to bridge the word-to-text gap for reading and writing. The PaTTAN webinar focuses on the relationships between words, sentences, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Explicit instruction can capitalize on and foster these relationships through purposeful selection of words, texts, and […]

Brain Builders Video Series

Brain Builders is an animated video series of 13 episodes you can share with your students to help them understand what the brain does to read. The main characters, Minh and Tamara, journey together as they cultivate a love for reading and understanding the Science […]

Evidence-Based Assessment in the Science of Reading

This article is a starting point for understanding how assessment for learning plays a critical role in informing and driving instruction in literacy. This read provides information about evidence-based assessment practices, including screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring. This article will help develop an understanding of […]

Implementing the Text Structure Strategy in Your Classroom

In this Reading Rockets article, you will learn how to implement a research-based strategy to improve reading comprehension by focusing on text structures. The authors use the Text Structure Strategy (TSS) to explore the text structures of comparison, cause and effect, problem and solution, sequence, […]