Kate Winn Vocabulary & Comprehension Lesson 1: Shi-shi-etko by Nicola I. Campbell

In this vocabulary and comprehension lesson, Ontario Teacher Kate Winn provides a step-by-step lesson plan designed to increase and enhance vocabulary and comprehension. Using the picture book Shi-shi-etko by Nicola I. Campbell, this lesson plan provides detailed, explicit instruction on using vocabulary from the book and includes the blackline master for a follow-up writing activity. 

Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Literacy Classroom

In this learning module from the PaTTAN Literacy Symposium, consultants Kirsten DeRoche and Lauren Lutz prepare educators to provide culturally responsive instruction. They discuss the importance of designing and delivering culturally responsive literacy practices that support all students within an MTSS framework. The module explores what culturally responsive teaching is, why it is needed, and what culturally responsive teaching looks like in the classroom. 

Spelling in a Complex Orthography: Can knowing better really help do better?

In this video from PaTTAN Literacy, Lyn Stone shows, through practical demonstration, the benefits of systematically teaching the orthographic patterns of written English.  Drawing on principals of cognitive load theory, linguistic analysis and her vast experience in varied educational settings, Lyn offers suggestions for implementing high quality spelling lessons into everyday classroom instruction. 

Etymonline: Online Etymological Dictionary

Etymonline is a free online etymology dictionary that provides information about the origins and historical development of words in English.  It offers detailed explanations of word origins, meanings, and changes over time, often tracing words back to their earliest recorded usage. This resource can help educators and students understand how words have evolved and diversified throughout history, as well as help understand the orthography and morphology of words.