7 Mighty Moves Book Study Materials by Kate Winn

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Did you enjoy reading 7 Mighty Moves: Science-Based, Classroom-Tested Strategies to Ensure K-3 Reading Success? This practical book, written by teacher and author Linday Kemeny, outlines 7 “moves” to align instruction with reading research. Use these slides to support a book study in your school or board. Developed by Kate Winn, the slides have key takeaways and discussion questions for each move, supporting insightful discussion and collaboration among your colleagues.

Curriculum Connection / Connexion au programme-cadre

These PD materials support building teacher knowledge and capacity across multiple areas of the curriculum in strands B and C.

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  1. Such a great book! Easy read, practical and provides the small steps that can be made when at the beginning of the journey. This would be a great book study for schools and the ready made slides are perfect!

  2. Great premade Powerpoint for any staff that are looking to facilitate a book study for 7 Mighty Moves by Lindsay Kemeny.
    Alleviates the prep work and allows for staff to make the most out of the resource in a book study format.

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